Boone Elementary School


A variety of instructional practices are used to teach the curriculum and to provide the highest quality of instruction for your child.

Bilingual Education (BE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) is provided to all students who qualify based on a language other than English spoken at home and a standardized assessment. Each grade level has one BE teacher. All teachers at Boone are certified to teach ESL students.  Boone does not have monolingual Spanish classes. A teacher who has bilingual students typically has no more than 3-4 students and instruction occurs in small groups.

Regular visits to the library allow students to receive instruction on research and technology skills. One key focus is to develop a love for reading and extend reading instruction.  Students also receive cyber safety information at the beginning of every school year during a library visit. More information about library services can be found on the main webpage under “library”.

Technology: Boone has a computer lab with 25 desktops which classes go to for 45 minutes per week. During the 45 minute time block, access to educational websites for math, reading and basic computing skills occurs. Every teacher has 3 or more computers within their classroom for in class instruction.

Brain breaks/WOW time are regular events during the day. WOW stands for Work out for Wellness. Brain breaks typically occur in the classroom for 3-5 minutes. The purpose behind these breaks allows students to move, get wiggles out, increase circulation thus increasing focus on learning. Gonoodle is a primary avenue for in class brain breaks. WOW is organized play provided by the classroom teacher. These activities reinforce the concepts behind brain breaks as well as developing team work, cooperation and community.