Boone Elementary School


In order to foster a love of reading and learning, your child(ren) will be visiting the Boone Library regularly.  They will have weekly lessons ranging from book care to research. 

The primary level lessons generally focus on book care, character analysis, sequencing, comparing across texts, genre identification, and choosing a just right book.  The primary students even get an introduction to cyber safety in order to get them thinking at a young age about how to be safe while online.

The intermediate student lessons focus on all of the above and more.  They learn all about how libraries are organized and how to find the materials they are interested in.  We learn a lot about valid/authentic resources while researching.  You can find anything you’re interested in on the internet, but if it’s not a valid resource the information may be false/incorrect.  We learn about copyright and citing our sources.  We also focus on cyber safety and how to have a safe/respectful online presence  as well as what to do if someone else is not being safe online.  We learn about all the resources available from our district including digital books and online databases.

The library is always a very busy place.  Most of all, the library is a place where everyone should feel welcome and a place to discover.  It is a place for imagination and learning to come alive.