Boone Elementary School

UPDATE: Rainy Day Dismissal

For All Parents: Please note that Rainy Day Dismissal is NOT early release. If you must pick your child up early for an appointment, please arrive no later than 2:30pm.

You will either need to be in the car line or come to the front door and come in and pick up your child. This is for all grade levels.

PK3 Parents: PK3 students will be in the front hallway by the fish tank.

Car Riders: Please line up in your car on the side circle drive with your car rider number visible. Staff will come by and call out their number and the teacher will be notified to send out your child. Teachers will be watching a spreadsheet to see when the student’s numbers are called. There will be helpers to get them to the side door and out to their car.

Walk-Ups for All Grades: While we would prefer if you stayed in your car on rainy days, you can still walk up to pick up your child but it will be different from regular dismissal. Please come to the front door, you will not be able to enter through the side door. You not be able to park in the parking lot or in the circle drive in the front of the school, you will need to park on the street and walk up. We will open the front door at 3:10 for you to come in and pick up your child from the cafeteria or Kinder classroom. There will be staff to direct you to the cafeteria or the Kinder hallway. We will be following an organized path to keep everyone safe and for crowd control. Please note, we will not be opening the front doors until all classes are in the cafeteria. Please come in the front door and go in the door to the cafeteria. You will go down the middle aisle of the classes and find your classroom teacher. The teacher will dismiss your child to you and you will then go out the back side door of the cafeteria. Staff will be there to direct you back to the front door to exit.