Boone Elementary School

PEAS Garden

Outdoor Learning  and Edible Education During the School-Year

PEAS provides direct outdoor and/or edible education to students and experiential professional development for teachers through year-long partnerships with schools in Austin.

Outdoor and/or edible education specialists work at a schools with the same students and teachers for an academic year. Lessons utilize outdoor campus features such as gardens, wildflower meadows, and outdoor classrooms or teaching kitchens to engage kids in hands-on opportunities which cultivate and refine skills in science, math, social studies, language arts, health, and more.

By participating in lessons, teachers learn and practice classroom management skills and how to utilize the outdoors to bring academic content to life!

You can find more information about PEAS and activities for your family during distance learning here.
The Boone Peas Garden is open to the Boone Community. Anyone who whishes to use the garden must complete the GARDEN ACCESS REQUESTOnce the request has been received, you will recieve an email confirming or denying your request. You must adhere to the guidelines as specified in the request and as posted at the garden. You must have your confirmation with you while in the garden and may not stay past your assigned time.