Boone Elementary School

Creative Learning Initiative

We are thrilled to be a part of a district initiative called the Creative Learning Initiative.  This is the third year of participation for Boone. The program puts community resources together to make certain that all students have access to the academic, social and personal benefits of creative learning.

Creative learning refers to a broad range of learning experiences that use techniques drawn from the arts to help students acquire new knowledge. It combines creative choices, active learning, personal connections, collaboration, physical and mental models, artistic thinking, and reflection. All 21st century skills that business and leaders identify as critical for career readiness and success.

What does this look like in the classroom? Teachers using instructional strategies make learning personal, active and reflective. Providing an environment that students demonstrate this understanding through various methods.

Another critical component of this initiative is the Community Arts Partners which support on and off campus experiences. This can take the form of artist-in-residents, performances on campus, in theaters, visits to museums, etc.

Teachers receive yearly training on different strategies as well as ongoing support through the year.