Boone Elementary School


Boone Elementary uses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as the foundation for what should be taught. The TEKS are the specific skills within math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and health.

You can find a complete set of the TEKS for each content area per grade level at 

In order to teach the required curriculum from the state we use the following content expectations:

Math: This content has a large focus on problem solving. Using numbers and information to solve every day, real world problems. Math involves

  • numerical representations and relationships
  • real world problem solving
  • computations and algebraic relationships
  • geometry and measurement
  • data analysis and personal financial literacy
  • numerical fluency

Reading: Reading instruction begins the minute a student walks in the door.  Reading instruction uses high quality literature, a variety of genres, fluency development, phonics and word study, direct instruction on comprehension strategies, and language rich experiences. Students are taught in a variety of settings such as shared/modeled reading, independent reading, read alouds, and small, guided reading groups. 

Writing: Writing occurs daily, often the first day of school.  Writing also occurs across all content areas (math, science, social studies). We teach the writing process from brainstorming ideas, drafting, editing, revising and publishing a final piece. Teachers hold small group or individual writing conferences to teach students at their point of need. Key writing concepts also include the analysis of literary texts and information texts.  By fourth grade students are writing expository and narrative texts.

Science: Students learn science concepts best through hands on, real world, inquiry experiments and experiences. Key areas of instruction in science include:

  • matter and energy
  • force, motion and energy
  • Earth and space
  • organisms and environments

Social Studies: This content area has students learning about history, governance, societal changes, global connections, and civic ideals and practices.