Boone Elementary School


Interventions are a key component that makes us stand out above the rest.  Intervention means “to take action to improve a situation”. We have a strong belief in early intervention for students, especially in primary grades. Studies show if a child is not reading on grade level by the end of second grade, school becomes challenging in all content areas. We have many different methods to provide instruction at a point of need.

Reading Specialists: We have one full time reading specialist focused on reading instruction, comprehension, word study and vocabulary skills. Intervention occurs during school hours.

Prekindergarten for 4-year olds and 3-year olds. We believe these two programs allow students to develop socially, emotionally, and academically appropriate skills in a language rich, experiential environment.

  • PK4 is a program which students can enroll in based on federal qualifying standards. Standards are based on income levels, a language other than English spoken at home, a child in foster care or an active military parent or guardian. Students 4 on or before September 1st can attend.
  • PK4 has an additional method for participation through the tuition based  option. Parents who do not qualify based on the federal guidelines can pay tuition for their child to attend. Same age requirements apply.
  • PK3 is a program started during the 2015-16 school year. Students can qualify for this program based on the PK4 federal guidelines. This program is so exciting.  Three year olds can attend one of two three hour sessions each day. They follow the regular AISD calendar.