Boone Elementary School


There are many ways to support our Boone Bears. Fundraisers range from specific classroom projects to departments and schoolwide needs. We appreciate any help and if you can give the gift of your time, that is also greatly appreciated! Visit to complete a school based volunteer background check in order to volunteer for fundraisers.

Our 5th graders are a group of science-minded kids that enjoy participating in new ways to learn about the world around them. They are finally the big kids in our elementary and we want their last year to include an unforgettable science experience that will foster their love of learning.

Our overnight trip to Camp Champions will help them develop their understanding of scientific knowledge and skills by immersing them in the outdoors. Please donate today to help send our students to Camp Champions!

 Ms. Sladek's 5th Grade Class:

 Ms. Zecca's 5th Grade Class:

Mr. Johnson's 5th Grade Class: