Boone Elementary School


Boone is a community of learning that values and provides all students with the opportunity for success in academics, creative arts, and citizenship in a safe, nurturing environment.

Every student matters. Every moment matters.

We believe all students:

  • can develop a love for learning in a strong diverse community where everyone’s contributions are valued.
  • deserve a safe and nurturing environment that supports and challenges them.
  • need a strong foundation with high expectations for the staff and students that foster growth.
  • thrive when courage to be creative and develop their individuality and providing differentiated instruction.

We value:

  • Physical, musical and artistic abilities
  • Philanthropy and showing gratitude
  • Using all resources to support students “it takes a village”
  • Dedication to the whole child by supporting their interests and academics with interventions and extensions
  • A sense of community and family
  • A safe environment and mutual respect
  • A positive and happy staff and students
  • Individualized academic, social and emotional interventions
  • Each child refusing to allow any child to slip through the cracks
  • High expectations for all
  • Supportive families
  • Supportive and generous leadership
  • Multiple intelligences and differentiated learning styles
  • A sense of belonging