Boone Elementary School

Frequently Asked Questions

2022-2023 School Year

What is the first and last day of school for the 2022-2023 school year?
The first day of school for 2021-2022 is August 15th.  The last day of school will fall on May 25th.

What is the earliest I can drop my child off?
Doors open at 7:05am. Students can be dropped off at either the front or side entrance. The side entrance will lock at 7:30. The front door will lock at 7:40

Can my child eat breakfast at school?
Yes, free breakfast is served between 7:05am and 7:35am. Please do your best to arrive before 7:15 if your child will be eating breakfast at school.

What time does the school day begin?
The school day begins at 7:30am.

What time does the school day end?
Dismissal begins at 3:10pm. Students will be dismissed from designated areas based on mode of transportation.

Do I have to pay for breakfast or lunch at school?
No, Boone has been included in the Community Eligibility Provision! What is the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)?...The CEP is a meal service option for schools in low-income areas that allows districts to serve free breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students without collecting meal benefit applications. 

Can I have food delivered to the campus for my child by a restaurant or food delivery service?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept food deliveries for students.

When will I find out which teacher has been assigned to my child?
Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) law, we no longer post class lists.  Teachers will email or call parents prior to the first day of school.

What to do if my child isn't feeling well?
If your child is ill, please email with the date of the illness, your child's full legal name and any doctor's notes if applicable.

What should I do if my child has a doctor appointment during the school day?
If your child has a doctor appointment during school hours, you will need to provide a doctor’s note to the registrar upon returning in order to excuse their time away from school.  As a courtesy, please send a note with your child the morning of the appointment to alert the teacher of the appointment.  Please arrive at the office with sufficient time to allow for your child to be called from the classroom and be signed out by the office staff.  Students will not be called to the office until parents arrive on campus.

How do I pick my child up from school before dismissal?
Send a note or email to your child's teacher if you are picking up your child prior to dismissal. Ring the bell and let us know you are picking your child up early. Please have your ID ready. A staff member will come to the door to verify your identity. Once verified, they will escort your child to the door. Please allow a minimum 15-20 minutes for us to retrieve you child from the classroom. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

What should I do if my child is going home a different way than usual?
Please inform the office and they will relay the message to the teacher. Anyone picking up your child must be on their pickup/contact list. Changes to that list must be made by the parent, in person, prior to pickup.

How do I add or delete someone from my child's pickup/contact list?
To make any changes to your child's pickup/contact list, you must do so in person. Bring your ID, ring the doorbell and let us know that you need to make changes to your child's pickup list. We'll bring a form out to you. You must have the following information for anyone you are adding; Full, legal name, phone number and relationship to the child.

What type of after school care does Boone offer?
After school care will provided by Extend-A-Care partnered with the YMCA. Cris Perez; 512-236-9622 (YMCA). 

The following are organizations that pick up students from school at dismissal:
Star Center Gymnastics and Dance, 512-280-8532
Stepping Stone, 512-233-4944
Country Home Learning Center, 512-288-8220
Children's Courtyard, 512-891-6500
Tai Kwon Do Kids, 512-696-4209
HALO at Soccer Zone South, 512-859-3188
Figment Creative Labs, 512-551-3244
Balance Dance Studio, 512-215-8727

What if I need to drop something off for my child?
Students will need to bring all supplies needed on a daily basis, including water bottles. We ask that parents limit dropping off items during the day, as access to classrooms is limited. If your child brings their lunch, please send it to school with them. If absolutely necessary, please ring the doorbell.

Am I allowed to bring birthday treats to school?
Not at this time.

Which middle school district is Boone Elementary in?
Boone Elementary is in Covington Middle School's district. Click here for their website.

Which high school district is Boone Elementary in?
Boone Elementary is in Crockett High School's district. Click here for their website.