Boone Elementary School

Technology Information/Support

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District Device Distribution Information

All Prek-2nd grade students will be using an iPad this year. iPads will be distributed to students during the first week of school.
All 3rd-5th grade students will be using a Chromebook this year. If your student does not have a District issued Chromebook, please contact Ingrid Thomas,, to pick one up. Tech support is not offered for personal devices being used on campus.
Broken devices...if your student's device is damaged or not working, please contact Ingrid Thomas, Please label the damaged device with your student's name, ID and problem with the device.

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Chromebook or iPad Lost or Stolen?

Look for it for TWO days. Use this list:

Look all over the places where you live/stay. Examples: under the bed, in the laundry basket,
on bookshelves, under piles of paper, near the front door, behind couch cushions, etc.

Look in every car you’ve been in, including checking the trunk and under the seats.

If you have been to anyone else’s house, ask them if they’ve seen it.

Empty your backpack or any other bags you might have used, and look inside your binders.
(Sometimes Chromebooks get hidden inside other belongings!) 

If you still can’t find your Chromebook after two days...

Call your Campus Device Manager, Ingrid Thomas, at 512-414-2537 or the Family Support Line (512-414-9187) and ask them to report the device as lost or stolen. 

They may ask you for this information when you call: 

Date and time you lost it (as close as you can remember)
Do you think it’s LOST or that someone STOLE it? 
Address of where loss occurred, if you have an idea
Any other details about where/how you lost it?
Student’s name
Student’s ID number
Parent’s name
Parent’s phone number