Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures 

Students may enter the building starting at 7:15 am. Tardy bell rings at 7:40 am. 

Students will report to the cafeteria where breakfast will be served from 7:15 am-7:45 am. 

Students will wait in the cafeteria for morning assembly to begin at 7:30 am. Teachers will meet students in the cafeteria and walk them to class after the morning assembly.

Car Drop Off Etiquette

Pull up to the curb to let students out. Drivers stay in the car. Save handicapped spaces for those who need them.

Please be patient

Be ready to go! Students on passenger side, backpacks packed and shoes tied. No cell phone use in school zones... It’s the Law!

Do not park in a crosswalk.

Side drop-off door locks at 7:30am.

Arrival Procedures Flyer

Dismissal Procedures: Dismissal starts at 3:10pm 


Students in 1st-5th grade Will be exiting from the Front doors of the Building to meet (near The flagpole). Pre k and kindergarten Students will be picked Up directly from their Outside classroom door 4th and 5th grade Walkers (without Siblings) will exit out of The 4th&5th grade Building

Adults picking up must Be included on the Registration Information for the Student and will need to Have their id each day.

Car Riders

Car will line up in the side parking lot and ready to show/give student names. Students will be waiting in the cafeteria until their name is displayed on a screen.

Older siblings will connect with younger siblings and walk out together. They will be escorted out to the car pickup line by our safety patrol or a designated staff member.

Dismissal Download Flyer