Essential Areas

Art: At Boone, students learn and produce artwork based on the elements of art: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, and Value. They also learn some of the principles of design: Pattern, Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, Proportion, and Unity. The students are always creating and producing unique masterpieces in class based on the TEKS and district curriculum and guidelines. The art goal is for the children to continue to enjoy and appreciate art in school and their daily life.

Art class is for students to explore their creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and learn about the diverse world in which they are a part of. It is an essential facet of a well-rounded education allowing students to develop knowledge of their self and other, create interdisciplinary connections with other subjects, and develop a broader view of the world. Each student will see their artwork displayed many times throughout the year in the halls of Boone and potentially the public venues outside of the school.

Fine Arts Night is an annual, community event held in the spring that allows students and their families to get creative at various arts stations, view displayed art, and partake in an art contest. Boone also participates in other community fine arts events such as the Empty Bowl Project, International Dot Day, and Youth Art Month.

Physical Education: At Boone, students participate in a variety of activities in accordance with the TEKS. These activities are designed to develop your child's locomotor skills and teach your child a variety of sports skills. A key component of PE is cooperation skills and good sportsmanship. Students in grades 3-5 are evaluated through the state Fitnessgram. Students can partipicate in other activities such as 5th grade volleyball day, morning jogging club and Marathon Kids.

Family fun activities include the Fun Run, Track and Field day and Basketball night.

Music: In the music room, there are many different things going on that create and develop musical learning. The students begin with the basics to build our singing and instrument skills. The students play instruments and other musical activities/events, but the focus is on fundamentals: what musical symbols are, how to read and write music, etc. With this knowledge, they can continue their experience with music as a profession or as a hobby.

We teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). To see the fine arts TEKS for the state, please use the following link on TEA’s page: