Boone Elementary School


Pre-K 4 is available for free to students who qualify. We also offer some tuition-based Pre-K 4 spots for students who don't meet the qualifications for district-supported Pre-K. 

Check out these pages for information and how to prepare your child for PreK4 at Boone!

Tuition-Based Pre-K4

Children who do not meet the eligibility requirements listed above for district-supported Pre-K or qualify for the Austin ISD Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities are eligible to enroll at a campus that offers tuition-based Pre-K. 

  • Annual tuition is $4,950 per student for the full-day Pre-K4 program.
  • The annual tuition cost per student is payable annually, by semester, or by nine monthly auto bank drafts of $550.00. Tuition paid annually or by semester can be done with a check or bank draft.